Certificate of Enrollment (Admission).

Accommodation Confirmation




Medical Test for Residenc Card

Temporary Residence Card

700 USD

3 Month Course

In case of 3-month study in the school, the student will receive a certificate stamped by the school and their partner in France (EKLYA)Course will start from 15-October.                                                      An admission letter will issue for applying for a visa in case of 3 months.

Tuition Fee Monthly: 220 USD

1 Year Course                                                                                                           In the case of one year program, The student will receive two “International Diplomas” stamped by the school and their partner in France (ELKYA).Students can receive a one-year residence card from the Republic of Armenia. The business school could provide admission letters from EKLYA business school for the student in case of having skills and being talented in the study. To they can travel to France for 2 weeks to get additional lessons in EKLYA business school. Course will start from 15-October.

Tuition Fee Monthly: 170 USD



  1. No age limits.
  2. Fast & easy procedure
  3. Ability to get
  4. No ILETS.
  5. Study gap cant be problem
  6. professional education
  7. Ability to get official employment
  8. Ability to get the residence permit
  9. Possible extension



  • 1) Copy of the passport / birth certificate
  • 2) 2 official photos with white background.
  • 3) Copy of 12-degree certificate.

     A- If an applicant still studying and didn’t finish 12 degrees, should submit a reference from school / high school, where currently it studying there.

     B- If an applicant finished 12 degrees and studying in any university, should submit it 12 degrees diploma and a reference from the university, where it studying there.

     C- If an applicant is graduated, should submit it last diploma.

* In all cases, submitting the mark sheet is mandatory.

  • 4) 30% of the tuition fee at the time of submitting the request must be deposit to the account of International Business School.

this amount is refundable in case of visa refusal base on the contract.

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Head of Visa Department